Book 1: Hidden in Broad Daylight

A Storm is brewing…

…where, when, and what kind are unknown
Tessa Waterford is at the center of the storm.

Hidden in Broad Daylight is the first book in The Apara Chronicles, a Paranormal Sci-fi Fantasy full of strong women characters existing in the world of the Apara. The Apara Chronicles takes a theoretical grain of truth behind lore, dropping many of the tropes… but they still BITE!

Tessa Waterford’s life may not have hit a dead end, but she has been circling the roundabout of life for two years, but she sees an ad in the local paper for a job she MUST apply for. She interviews for the job, gets it, and her rollercoaster ride into the world of the Apara begins, taking her into a hidden world and society she never imagined exists.

She must straddle two worlds, her known, human reality she’s grown up with, and this new reality that makes her question everything she knows about our world, as well as everything she’s ever thought about the paranormal.

As she’s sucked deeper into the Apara world, she becomes less a part the human world, unable to tell anyone human about the Apara or the amazing abilities they’ve helped her unlock in herself, making her more than human, but far from Apara.

The Apara are more than just paranormal beings; they’re working hard to prevent something that many of them have foreseen, but no one can define. Tess is along for the ride, and may be the key to saving the world.

E-Book ISBN 979-8-9885544-2-4

Print      ISBN 979-8-9885544-3-1

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Book 2: In your Dreams

The Apara need new blood…

They’ll have to look where they haven’t before
It’s up to Tess to find the right ones

Tess has been tasked with finding new people to join the Apara in a difficult time. She must search long and hard to find those special few who can make a difference. Sue Burns, a local therapist, is one of the first found.

Ride the psychological rollercoaster as the reappearance of Sue’s lost love, Colin, turns her world upside down and into a new reality when he tells her the secret of the Apara, that she can become one of them, and help make a difference in the world together with him.

There’s one catch. A rogue Apara also wants her. She must choose between hiding from him, or embracing a new future, and a new life she’s only dreamed of.

Coming May 17, 2024

Book 3: Persisence of Vision

She saw him coming…

Her visions foretold a fate unavoidable…
…and he has no idea what’s coming

Imagine having the gift of prophecy—sounds cool, doesn’t it? But there’s a catch! If you dream about your own future, and you are in your dream, that future is immutable. Now imagine foreseeing something so unbelievable — someone unbelievable — coming into your life, that it nearly takes your breath away, and the very thought terrifies you. If you know it’s unavoidable, would you turn and run or face your fate?

This is what Valyri Nash faces when a series of debilitating visions blindside her. She knows her world is about to change, and trying to stop it can only make it worse. Is what she’s seen truly so bad? Dive deep into Val’s story and face her fate as she confronts it head on, for better or for worse, as it leads her on a collision course with the Apara only she sees coming.

As the local Apara continue to deal with loose ends at home, a new threat arises thousands of miles away that may affect far more than the Asheville Apara, but also the balance of power in the world.

Book 4: Going Viral

When all paths are blocked

Desperation steps in and changes the fate
of a woman the Apara once passed by

The rogue Apara’s options have dried up and desperation kicks in. After one last failure, he knows he must change his approach to something the Apara will never expect, but he’ll need help to realize this insane plan.

He forcibly enlists the aid of a 48-year-old cancer researcher and genetic engineer, Dr. Thaddea Price to achieve his goals, dragging her into the realm of the Apara. He’s willing to resort to any means to achieve his goal: gaining the ability to make anyone Apara, not just those who are genetically compatible. The stakes are higher than anyone realizes.

For Thaddea, a lifelong scientist, becoming Apara is a nightmarish attack on her logical worldview, but she must persevere, for the sake of her daughters.

Book 5: Phoenix Rising

When life knocks you down…

get back up again
even if it’s from death!

Phoenix never thought her life could get any stranger after waking during her own autopsy after dying of what everyone else said was a mild virus. Little does she know that life has plenty of curve-balls left to throw at her.

Her life takes many unexpected twists and turns as she tries to get back to normal, taking a remote job with Inspiration Inc; a job which will not only take her to Asheville, but into a life she never expected, among the Apara.

Even among the Apara, Phoenix is unique. That uniqueness may be key to helping the Apara thwart a new and powerful enemy, one they never saw coming until it was nearly too late.

Book 6: Worlds Collide

They say everyone has a double

But would you want to meet yours
If it meant changing the world?

Callista Xenos is one of Asheville’s many artists. She’s a jewelry designer and lapidarist. She had a rather abrupt introduction to the Apara when the rogue, Jason, shot the Apara man sent to ease her into the fold, Niall McFadden.

Like all the Lost Mission Apara, Callie has unique gifts, and hers is one of the most unique so far. She can open portals; not just between two places, but between Earth and Sanctuary.

She’d always felt she was on a mission to find herself, but she didn’t know she’d do it quite so literally when an alternate universe version of herself reached through the realties to join her in opening a portal to a doomed Apara world. Her life, and the lives of many Apara are reeling as refugees from a doomed reality escape into their world, including many doppelgangers.