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About the series

The Apara Chronicles is a new series of novels by Jeanne Rhodes-Moen.  It’s a new take on an old theme, so prepare to throw out the rule book. This series takes beings that are traditionally the denizens of paranormal fantasy or horror and makes them noble creatures, dedicated to humanity’s survival and evolution into a true civilization. They live among us, look like us, and don’t exhibit the mythological tells of what they are.

The Apara have been our protectors and teachers for thousands of years, never asking for thanks for their efforts.  Theirs is a very exclusive order that only genetically compatible people can join. They’ll remain hidden right in front of us until they’ve shepherded humanity into a mature, civilized society.

This book sets the stage and the tone for the series. It tosses out the rule book and creates a new one for the Apara. While these beings are traditionally considered monsters, they are hidden protectors and heroes.

Unique and scenic Asheville, NC

This series takes place in Asheville, in the mountains of Western North Carolina. Asheville is a unique city filled with unique people: an eclectic mix of artists, LGBTQ+, retirees, and people from all walks of life. One saying around there is “Keep Asheville weird!” With the Apara as residents, that’s sure to be true and makes Asheville an excellent place to hide in plain sight.

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genre Potpourri

The Apara Chronicles transcends genres. It’s closer to literary fiction, drawing on several genres. It takes a paranormal fantasy/horror theme and tells it from the point of view of science fiction. It has action, elements of women’s fiction, social commentary, urban fantasy, and just a dash of romance. But most of all, the reader will experience what it is to be among the Apara and to be one of them. Beyond the differences, they are just as human as the rest of the world.

Book 1: Hidden in Broad Daylight

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A Storm is brewing…

…where, when, and what kind are unknown

Hidden in Broad Daylight is the first book in The Apara Chronicles, a Paranormal Sci-fi Fantasy full of strong women characters existing in the world of the Apara. The Apara Chronicles takes a theoretical grain of truth behind lore, dropping many of the tropes… but they still BITE!

Tessa Waterford’s life may not have hit a dead end, but she has been circling the roundabout of life for two years, but she sees an ad in the local paper for a job she MUST apply for. She interviews for the job, gets it, and her rollercoaster ride into the world of the Apara begins, taking her into a hidden world and society she never imagined exists.

She must straddle two worlds, her known, human reality she’s grown up with, and this new reality that makes her question everything she knows about our world, as well as everything she’s ever thought about the paranormal.

As she’s sucked deeper into the Apara world, she becomes less a part the human world, unable to tell anyone human about the Apara or the amazing abilities they’ve helped her unlock in herself, making her more than human, but far from Apara.

The Apara are more than just paranormal beings; they’re working hard to prevent something that many of them have foreseen, but no one can define. Tess is along for the ride, and may be the key to saving the world.

E-Book ISBN 979-8-9885544-2-4

Print      ISBN 979-8-9885544-3-1

Available on Amazon(Kindle, paperback and on Kindle Unlimited) March 29th.

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