Things take time…

So, it took several months of waiting for my first query to get a response. I took a shot, aiming high. I queried a top-level agent. I knew the chances were slim, and as was most likely, my first response was a rejection. But it was more about taking the chance than anything else. Aiming high rather than begging for scraps at the bottom of the barrel.
So, now I’m doing an additional round of revisions with the help of the woman who’s working as my editor, Nicky Rae (RPG designer and award-winning RPG book author), before sending out a new round of queries.
I’m revising the other books in the series to make them ready to submit or self-publish.
I’m currently doing revisions of book five: Phoenix Rising, and picking up where I left off in book 6, Worlds Collide, during November’s NanoWriMo challenge.

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