Plans for publishing

I’m currently sending out queries/submissions to literary agents/publishers to see if I can pique some interest. If not, I’ll self-publish! Thankfully, I have 10 years of book-formatting experience which is coming in handy! As I know more about which route I’ll take, I’ll post updates on when the books will eventually be released.

I’ve already written the drafts for the first five books in the series, and begun on the 6th. I’ve recently done what are close to the final revisions to the first book, Hidden in Broad Daylight. Writing so many in advance allowed me to create a consistent “World-build” for the series, as well as general continuity.

The current titles are:

The Apara Chronicles:

Book 1: Hidden in Broad Daylight

Book 2: In Your Dreams

Book 3: Persistence of Vision

Book 4: Going Viral

Book 5: Phoenix Rising

Book 6: Worlds Collide

I will likely write more in the series, at least as long as I have new ideas and there’s interest in it!

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